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(Monthly Subscription) Lemi Pin Club

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Welcome to the Lemi Pin Club!

Current Month: May 2024

Each month, 4 fresh Lemi pin designs will be unveiled!

These pins will be inspired by your favourite Lemi Artisan Colourways, or perhaps feature exclusive designs~

Collect all your cute Lemi Pins and swap them with friends to complete your collection!

Pin sizes are 1.5"~ 

Subscription Benefits

Subscribers will receive;

  • Matching Sticker (only for subscribers) for every pin
  • Pin Discount! ($10 USD via subscription vs $12 USD via store afterwards)

Subscription Details

1/2/3 Pin Subscription will receive a 1/2/3 random pin(s) from the designs for that month without any duplicates

4 pin Subscription  will guaranteed receive one of each pin design for that month without any duplicates.

How it works

Step 1: Designs are released on the 1st of every month

Step 2: Subscriptions are open until the last day of the month at 11:59pm PST

Step 3
: Pin Order will be placed with Manufacturer 

Step 4:
Lemi Pins will be shipped out roughly 3 weeks~1 month after

Step 5:
Put your new Lemi Pins into your collection and show them off to all your friends and bask in the glory of having the cutest pins ever!