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Engi Vermilion

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Raffle starts Aug 29nd at 8am PST

Don't worry about it saying sold out, if raffle form is available then raffle is still going on.

I was inspired to do this colourway by one of the Keyzen Team. He is currently studying to become an engineer and he really likes yellow. Im also about to paint a bakeneko yellow (whenever i get it from a friend KEK) so what perfect time to make an artisan to match that board. 


• This is a Raffle sale, which means entering the form does not guarantee an artisan.

• Invoices will be sent out following the conclusion of the raffle. Winners have 24 hours to pay. 

- 1x Keycap
- 1x Keyzen Sticker Pack
- 1x Keyzen v2 Authentication Card

Size: 1U

Cherry MX Stem

Hand Casted Artisan Resin Keycap for Mechanical Keyboards

*disclaimer: These are hand-crafted artisans. Each one is unique, and may have minor variations from the photos that will not affect functionality.*